Sarah Crossan in conversation with Elaina Ryan

@ Young Adult BookFest 2020

Pre-recorded Event

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Date: Tuesday 24th November 2020
Time: 9.00 am

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Supplementary Material

Sarah Crossan chats with Elaina Ryan at Young Adult Book Festival 2020 about her career to date. She speaks of her career highlights to date which include Laureate Ná nÓg, teaching young adults for 10 years and her writing works to date. Sarah also provides some useful tips including “be proud of your achievements and celebrate milestones”.

She speaks to Elaina about young adults resistance to poetry and why she loves #WeArePoets, where she encourages young adults to explore reading poetry and experience joy through performance learning.

Sarah has many ‘must-read’ books including Sally Rooney, which is so accessible to any audience, and Jenny Offill. Sarah talks about her book ‘Toffee’ and the editorial process of writing the ending. She explains that being a writer is difficult and it requires practice, sacrifice and a deep commitment to the writing process. Her words are comforting to any budding writer where she encourages young adults to ask themselves “Why not me?”.

Her biggest challenge this year has been not being able to engage with young adults, due to covid, who she thinks are just brilliant!

Elaina poses some interesting questions in this conversation, including where Sarah shares her favourite song, book and movie.

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