Pulitzer Prize winner Malachy Browne in conversation with Rhona Tarrant

@ Young Adult BookFest 2020

Pre-recorded Event

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Date: Tuesday 24th November 2020
Time: 9.00 am

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Supplementary Material

Malachy Browne chats with Rhona Tarrant about his career to date as a journalist and discusses his research on visual investigations on war crimes and chaotic news events, which provide social justice news stories.

He talks on his recent Pulitzer Prize Award and showcases slides that demonstrate their teams’ precise account of events on the ground which stitch events together, through the use of technology, so as to capture the whole story.

His advice to anyone considering journalism; if you love it, definitely follow this career path. Even though it demands long hours, hard work and is demanding, it is a rewarding career.

Rhona also talks on her career as a journalist, and how she ended up in Storyful, New York.

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